The All In One Technology


Who are we?

We are cyber-security professionals and web developers who have decided to make a revolution regarding secure web development. The issue we are facing in the technology world is that the majority of web developers are not cyber-security professionals, and the majority of cyber-security professionals are not web developers. This creates a cumbersome dilemma when developing websites. This is where That Cyber Guy comes with the All-In-One solution. We develop and we create something simple and make it secure. We strive to give the best we can to satisfy our customers.

Our History

Three years ago we designed Cyber Geek News, which is a cyber-security news website that helps many people with cyber-news and tips to thwart cyber-attacks. But we had a feeling this was not enough and we wanted to expand further by doing practical secure websites as we have always talked about at Cyber Geek News. Cyber Geek News is the pillar of what is happening now. It is not easy these days to have valuable online information for free without annoying adds. Cyber Geek News did it. Cyber Geek News Built for security, not for profit.

Our Vision

Our vision is not stopping here, but moving forward by expanding our services. We will soon provide secure game development and mobile apps for our clients. One of our biggest goals is to create our own anti-virus protection. We believe with your support and your feedback we will land that dream as we have landed That Cyber Guy today.